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Picture i took in Nepal 2019

Therefore, we need beings (some might call them ‘spiritual masters’) who have, through the guidance of the masters before them and through their own spiritual inquiry and practice, come to truly see how things actually are, and to understand the rules of the game of reality. If we don’t, as a society, have such beings who have seen things as they truly are, and who can guide us, then we will continually flounder in the darkness of ignorance and delusion. And, I mean, c’mon, look out your window, turn on the news, read a newspaper – do I really need to convince anyone that this is our current situation?

With all that in mind, I am pursuing a life that is aligned with simplicity, genuine well-being, contentment, courage, compassion. And my aspiration is to passionately help all beings find the “how” of skillfully living free from our own mental and emotional suffering. But it is important to me that this service to others comes from my own direct experience of these truths, not simply what I’ve read or heard. Therefore, I am doing retreat. I am discovering these truths for myself such that I can authentically share them with others and be an authentic support for their practice.


How does this path benefit the world? Well, we are all, as sentient beings, looking for happiness. That is a universal truth. We are looking for it on the individual level and on the collective level. But if we don’t know how reality works, if we don’t understand how to cultivate genuine happiness and wellbeing on the individual and collective levels, then how can we possibly actualize it?


This is like trying to win a soccer game without knowing the rules of the game or being able to see the field clearly. It would be impossible to win! This might sound extreme, but this is actually our situation. We are running around blindly on a field of reality that we cannot see for what it is and without knowing the rules of the game – the how of ‘winning’ the game of life. This idea of ‘winning’ at life might sound crude, but it actually works as an analogy when we consider that regardless of the form it takes, we are all running towards the ‘finish line’ of genuine happiness and wellbeing. The problem is that, while every sentient being, agrees that this is the end goal of our existence, there are many ideas about what it is that actually brings about genuine happiness and wellbeing.

I won’t get into the arguments about what is and is not a cause of genuine happiness and wellbeing right now, but let’s just say for now, if we want to experience such happiness and wellbeing ourselves, we need to know its causes.

Tara temple in Bodghaya

My intention with this platform is to share sources that
have personally help my on my path, and the hope to
eventually stay in touch and reconnect as this
experience unfolds.

My hope is that my journey inspires you to dive deep
into your own spiritual quest in order to unfold
your own innate and supreme wisdom.


I wish you all the blessings and good fortune
imaginable, and from my heart,
I encourage you all to take the journey on with joy and courage! 


      May we can connect through
               this platform & beyond! 

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